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Guest Author Rayne Hall

No one makes it on their own- right? I know I had help and encouragement from other authors. Guests is my way of paying it forward, and helping those that have helped me along the way!

Storm Dancer

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Author: Rayne Hall

TRIGGER WARNING: Contains violence, Nonconsensual sexual contact, 18+  

At twenty-five, warrior Dahoud has a conscience heavier than a bricklayer's tray and more curses on his head than a camel has fleas. He fights to protect his people - but how can he shield them from the evil inside him?

The only woman who can save him is the courageous weather-dance magician Merida - if he does not destroy her first.

Enter a world of magicians and rebels, bellydancers, warriors, diplomats and demons. Journey into a besieged fortress, a palace harem, a nomad camp, a flaming inferno. Immerse yourself in duels, battles and daring escapes.

Storm Dancer is a big book, providing many hours of reading pleasure and excitement. A short trailer video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI5oxeOziQM. Caution: contains violence. Not recommended for readers under 18.

New Release! 'Coming Home' Caveman Creek Book 2 - Order Today!