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Welcome to my bookshelf. Please know that both my series - Caveman Creek and Star Brides - are erotic romances and feature explicit sexual scenes and adult content. They are intended for readers 18 yrs and older.

Caveman Creek Series

Author Pia Manning's Erotic Romance novel "Finding Home", 1st in the "Caveman Creek" Series, cover image

Coming Home:

Caveman Creek 2

Bounced around from place to place as a child, Sherry Evans is seeking a town to call home. She also needs an affordable place to realize her dream of opening a daycare center. What Sherry is not seeking is a romance. But Matt Bauer, Chris Carter and Eric Simmons have other ideas. The men, building contractors, own and operate MCE Construction in Pinecone Creek, Wisconsin. When they meet Sherry, they know she’s the woman they’ve been waiting for. They are more than willing to renovate a building for her daycare – as long as it’s in Pinecone Creek.

The men agree that they want a lasting relationship with Sherry and plan a campaign to convince her that they are the only guys for her. But an old girlfriend has other ideas. She wants her men back and Sherry gone. How far will she go to destroy Sherry’s dreams? Can Matt, Chris and Eric convince Sherry to love three men?

Caveman Creek Series

Author Pia Manning's Erotic Romance novel "Finding Home", 1st in the "Caveman Creek" Series, cover image

Finding Home:

Caveman Creek 1

Newly licensed vet Elizabeth Faulkner only needs two things: New clients for her practice and a decent place to live for herself and her disabled little sister.

When her sister inherits an old farmhouse in Pinecone Creek, Wisconsin, Elizabeth thinks at least one wish has been granted. But a greedy land developer will stop at nothing to get her land. Her new clients, Brent and Luke Callahan, are more interested in a relationship than her vet skills.

Brent and Luke have waited years for their forever woman. They know their wait is over once they see Elizabeth. But can she love two men? Can Elizabeth provide a home for her sister before the little girl becomes lost in the foster system?

Star Bride Series

Author Pia Manning's Erotic Romance novel "Dept. of Corrections", 3rd in the "Star Bride" Series, cover image

Dept. of Corrections

Star Brides 3

Janine will do anything to escape serving her well-deserved prison sentence, even leaving Earth with warrior Kadir to mate with him and the three other men of his unit. 

Janine Longo was sentenced to twenty years for beating a man. Prison authorities send her to a bridal fair to find an alien husband. When available mates dwindle and the guards call her name, Janine agrees to return to Zuntx with Kadir.

Scarred and disfigured, Kadir is growing desperate. This is his third bridal fair, and he doesn’t have the money to try again. When the big woman in the orange jumpsuit agrees to accompany him, he accepts.

Janine soon meets Tero, Kobak, and Bakur. Together, they head for home. But the thriving, bustling Zuntx that Kadir left behind is now a riot torn planet. Homeless men wander aimlessly seeking food, shelter, and women.

This is not what Janine wanted.

Can she live on Zuntx? Can she love four men?

Star Bride Series

Author Pia Manning's Erotic Romance novel "The Meat Market", 2nd in the "Star Bride" Series, cover image

The Meat Market

Star Brides 2

Welcome to the ‘meat market.’ It’s the bridal fair from hell. Officially known as the Outer World Citizens’ Spousal Bazaar and Expo, it’s the place where a woman can leave her past ...  
behind and start a new life-with a new mate of course.

Tamsyn Laehn is desperate. She’s stuck in a lousy job and miserable life. When Tamsyn accompanies her best friend to the meat market, she falls into a bridal booth manned by Boarf and Brunz, two Neanderthal type warriors from the planet Zuntx.

Tamsyn has no choice but to leave with the men. Upon arriving on Zuntx they learn that the military has been disbanded. Homeless and decommissioned, the men agree to become colonists on the planet Drabik.

When the homesteading pioneers land on Drabik, they struggle to adapt to the harsh conditions they encounter on the inhospitable planet. The men’s traditional Zuntx views of women provide an extra test for all three as they learn to trust and love each other.

Star Bride Series

Author Pia Manning's Erotic Romance novel "Procured", 1st in the "Star Bride" Series, cover image


Star Brides 1

Will he ever find her? Night after long lonely night, starship commander Dachar despairs over finding his mate. Once he spots beautiful, innocent Anis Warner, Dachar knows he must have her ...  
He'll do anything to claim Anis as his bride, even pay an enormous sum to procure her.

Anis Warner is a woman who knows what she wants. And Commander Dachar is not it. Passionate about building her career, Anis jumps at the chance to enter the 'Study Among the Stars,' or SAS, program. Only problem—SAS is just a way to lure young women to the ship, so they can be mated to an Apochian warrior.

Can Dachar convince Anis that her future lies with him? It won't be easy, for Anis's independent streak isn't the only challenge facing Dachar. A racial purity movement is dead set against Earth brides, and Anis's future mother-in-law is a true believer.

New Release! 'Coming Home' Caveman Creek Book 2 - Order Today!